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Ballroom dancing


Music, rhythm and movement…Ballroom dancing today is not just a hobby of hundreds or  thousands of people, but a whole new culture and way of living. So what is so attractive in ballroom dancing for all levels of people from school kids to retirees ?




Today ballroom dancing is available for anyone, small children, adults, seniors and even people with limited mobility in wheel chair. One can chose dance ballroom dancing elements with minimal difficulty and make them look good even if you never danced before in your life.  Over time, regularly attending ballroom dance lessons with a professional instructor you’ll feel how easy it is to memorize the patterns.  And dance will be more and more satisfying with each lesson. 


Physical activity 


One of the main benefits of ballroom dancing is to keep your body in shape. Regular attendance of ballroom dance lessons can easily replace gym or running. Dance lessons will help to maintain your body muscles in tone and will energize you for the rest of the day. 



New friends and connections.


Ballroom dancing is a hobby for a lot of different people! And it means when attending group classes you will constantly meet new people. Besides that all the extra activities that ballroom dancing offering for dance amateurs will give a new, fun spin to your everyday life. 


Interesting hobby 


Every person wants to have an interesting life. Happy family, job that you love….and an interesting hobby! Ballroom dancing has become that for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  Ballroom dancing helps in developing new skills, learning something new and interesting every day, and helps you look good and be in a good mood !


Ballroom dance competitions


One of the biggest highlights of ballroom dancing is a Dancesport competition. Beautiful parquet floor , dynamic music , gorgeous dresses full of crystals , atmosphere filled with smiles and excitement and of course dancers themselves. 

Ballroom dance competition is a magical moment in life for every participant ! Nervousness, judges scores , winning and success - all of this fills your life with unforgettable memories and colorful emotions !



Do you want to experience the magic of dance ? Start you ballroom dance classes today !

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